GET IT IN Apparel is High performance athletic and LIFESTYLE Brand based in Arizona. The term "GET IT IN" is such a powerful, well rounded, brand establishing word, meaning "anything done to the utmost" whether that be in the work environment, class room, athletic event, or day to day affairs. GET IT IN is an attitude, a passion, a belief, a deep down hunger to challenge and  better yourself everyday while also encouraging your peers. We pride ourselves in making Durable, bright colored, high quality, stylish apparel for all needs and purposes!

          Being former athletes we understand  the importance in comfort, light-weight, moisture wicking, athletic apparel keeping you dry while also allowing you to compete to the very best of your abilities. Last year we tested the market predominantly through our social media outlets which not only gave us knowledge but also gave us access to a wide variety of high school, college, and professional athletes that helped expand our view.  The growth and interest has led us to the launch of our online store as of January 1st 2015.  Our team here at GET IT IN APPAREL has worked diligently on our brand and are all extremely excited to unveil our vision while making a strong presence in the athletic apparel market. GET IT IN is the motto we believe in, with our staff made up predominantly of former athletes and sports lovers we believe  our competitiveness and dedication to our team goals will allow us to be a successful, dependable, athletic apparel brand for years to come! 

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